How to go through the phase of amorousness in Crypto Business? Week 3

I’m sharing with you the events of the last week. And I am not donе! It was devoted to the developing an idea, data concentration and analytical effort. The current stage is quite monotonous, but at the same times the most significant. At this precise point in time the foundation of the project’s future is creating: it will solve the problems of customers or presently will become a problem for its creator. A poorly worked out conception, lack of benefit and non-relevant product will destroy any king of efforts in future. Why, if it isn’t the biggest responsibility under conditions of limited visibility! There are uncertainty and risk, but it still to be very interesting.

I dedicated the past week to the Data Marketplace exploration: I read several studies about the Big Data market; consulted with my friend (data scientist); identified competitors; found out the information about the reasons behind data sales. The principal result of all that: I had even more desire to create this marketplace! When at the end of the week I realized how enormous the Big Data sales market is I was so glad that I wanted to shout for joy and get the word out! I can say for sure:

I became a little happier when I realized that I could create a useful product and develop the data sales market.

In this part of the text, I will furnish the detailed information. Probably, most readers do not understand why anyone deals in data sales? And what is a volume of this market? According to American investigations, the potential of data sales market in 2022 will be about $250 billion, and by 2030 more than a trillion! From year to year, the amount of information produced by people kind and devices is growing with a vengeance.

So, who sells this information? They are:
- Licensed companies
- Companies that want to have additional earnings
- People (personal information, activity information)

It is purchased by data-driven organizations (those who make decisions based on the data), instead of intuition, as it done by organizations of the old type. Nowadays there are a lot of parameters and components in business. And each parameter is estimated, amenable to processing. The future has arrived!
According to researches, in the years to come there will be a gap between those organizations that use artificial intelligence and all the rest of it. Artificial intelligence will raise the income and pare losses, and will also create an inaccessible distance for competitioners. The gap between successful and losers will become even greater! This information is useful not only for the project development, it indicates in which way the economy is moving.

Now let’s talk about this blog. It serves two functions. This is both invaluable information for reader and the tool that will help me to find those who want to run the project collectively.
At this stage, I need help the blog’s marketing in any of its exercitations.
What we are faced to do together:
- To make the blog more interesting and graphic
- To attract new readers and increase blog traffic
- To heighten the embrace of the crypto project by the means of a blog

If the thought process is you can assist (for remuneration), please contact me using the links below!

Past Week Events/Actions/Insights:
- Twitter clamped sanctions on all accounts registered in the RF. You can use and read the information, but you can’t advertise
- I studied much information about Data Marketplace
- I revealed the bottlenecks of competitioners
- I continue searching for these problems solution
- I started formation of White Paper

Financial statement:
- 10 USD for translation of the post into English
- 30 USD for the blog promotion
Plans for the new week:
- Working on White Paper
- Blog creating

Looking for temporary/permanent assistants/work-hand for permanent tasks/people for commonplaces about weather:
- Specialist who participated in launching of such a project
- Marketing expert
- Designer
- English translator
- Legal adviser (business law; the jurisdiction of tokenized companies; and others)

Links to social networks:
Connect with me:




To increase revenue companies buy data in the market. EVIS is a data marketplace.

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EVIS Data Marketplace

EVIS Data Marketplace

To increase revenue companies buy data in the market. EVIS is a data marketplace.

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